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Things we need to do


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Task Assigned to Task Created Completion Required By Completed On Is it done?
Laminated volunteer task cards Stuart April 8     No
BP Fiscal Agreement Jessica Bottomlining       No
Create a class for shop vol. RE: facny tools Erok April 8     No
coordinator roles Everyone April 8 April 23   No
review bike pittsburgh fiscal policies Everyone April 8 April 23   No
Welding Cabinet Erok & Shaun Forever ago almost   No
Create a system for Fix-for-sale on commission Andalusia & Scott April 23     No
Compile retreat notes and prep them for March meeting Jessica, Diane, Matt, Stuart 2-3-07 3-3-07 3-1-07 Yes
Make Print Copies of Words 2.0 Erok 2-3-07 3-3-07 2-27-07 Yes
Edit CJLetter Everyone 2-5-07 ASAP 3-3-07 Yes
Make copies of new gate key johnny 2-3-07 ASAP 2-12-07 Yes
Make new copies of Donation Form Stuart 2-4-07 ASAP 2-5-07 Yes
Get Cash Register, implement Shaun December (tent.) end of Feb 4-1-07 yes
Prepair for Mitzvah group Andalusia April 8 April 29   Yes
Update Volunteer Whiteboard Andalusia April 8     Yes
Key Purge/New Locks Erok April 23   April 30 Yes
Telephone Erok April 23   april 30 yes
Folder for Fix-for-sale Andalusia April 23     Yes
Make new library bike deposit forms Stuart 4-22-07 ASAP 5-13-07 Yes
create escrow account for unpaid rent Shaun/Morgan 6-10-07 soonish   of course
create wiki page 'how to recycle tires' diane 6-12-07 before July meeting 5-13-07 yep


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