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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

Meeting Minutes

January 13th 2007


Compiled by Stuart


  • Action Items
    • INREACH COMMITTEE will meet
    • SHAUN will send an email announcing committee checkins at next general meeting
    • SHOP COMMITTEE Will establish a training and certification system for expensive and delicate tools
    • JAMIE and DIANE will do a tire run
    • STUART will draft a letter by Wednesday, reviews by Friday
    • JAKE will nag about open shop
    • JOHNNY will send JAKE contact info for open shop staffers



  • Retreat Dates
    • February 1st and 2nd are the current frontrunners.
    • Does it make sense to have a more informal day of chats
    • Inreach committee will schedule a meeting to discuss and plan


  • Next meeting
    • Sunday February 1th, 1pm
    • Committee reportbacks will happen with checking and future goals to be discussed.
    • Shaun will email announcing this


  • Reportbacks
    • Tools
      • Approved requests for BB tap+facer, HT reamer and facer (1" and 1 1/8")
      • Shop committee will establish a training and certification system for expensive and delicate tools.
    • Fire safety
      • Will built a wall around the heater, unblocked emergency exit, and bought fire extinguishers (2x10lb refillable)
      • The new extinguishers need yearly recertification
      • This was catalyzed by Brian coming by to discuss a fire elsewhere in the warehouse.
      • Discussed how decision to spend money on fire safety was made. This affirms the need to set budget and guidelines for committee autonomy.


    • Bike Racks
      • $450 per rack, $180 encroachment fee to make it legal to install on public property
      • A possible new ordinance could remove this fee


    • CJ
      • Jake will meet with Deb in person on January 15th


    • Tire recycling
      • Time for a tire run
      • Jamie and Diane will do this


    • Programs
      • Housing authority wants to train kids through F.R.
        • A proposal may be made at a future meeting
      • Working on getting an accounting system for classes
      • A letter from Youthworks was sent last August but only found last week that said they would not pay last half of our grant because of lapsed communication.


    • Wildcats
      • Data entry party on Thursday the 24th @ BP office at 4pm
      • Will bring financial reports to next meeting
      • Discussion of sending a letter/card to Kitty


    • Sexual harassment policy
      • Communication workshop happened last Sunday
      • Additional followup workshops planned
      • Noah Lewis is starting a trans discussion group - email Diane for details


    • Zimbabwe
      • Pastor doesn't know whether kids bikes are wanted kids bikes
      • They will pick up after the 20th, or if not, will let us know at least 2 weeks in advance if we need to transport the bikes
      • Two build-a-thons are upcoming (on calendar)
      • PORC may send members to help
      • To singlespeed or not to singlespeed
        • May need to email other programs doing bikes to Africa work to find out what's wanted.


    • BP Liaison
      • Jessica was not re-elected to the board
      • We have not representation on BP's board
      • Want a voting member on the board
      • Stuart will draft a letter by Wednesday, reviews by Friday


    • Open Shop
      • Not enough staffers
      • Will doesn't want to nag anymore
      • Need a new system for getting shifts staffed
      • Pay people, drop a day, need to reconsider the long-term viability of open shop
      • Discuss further at the retreat
      • Jake will nag for now
        • Johnny must get info to Jake
      • Jess will draft ideas about openshop based on Philadelphia model and create a wiki page

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