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Februrary 24th, 2008 Meeting Minutes

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February 24th Meeting Agenda:


Discuss the letter from Scott Bricker

Sexual Harassment Discussion

Commission System

Retreat Planning -


* Space

* Food

* Materials for Facilitators

* Discuss retreat goals

* Planning meeting Thursday at 3pm at Friends Meeting House

Discuss CJ & SCB stuff:


- Signs


- Changing how we enter the building


- Paying for signs, changes to the entrances, etc


- and some other stuff



MEETING: In attendance: Stuart, Will, Jessica, Scott, Kira, Elijah, Andalusia, Jami, Jake

Proposals are in Italics, Action items are in bold


First we discussed their notes which are linked here:

CJ and Steel City Biofuels and Will and Jake Meeting



CJ Stuff- Jake and Will had a meeting with Nathaniel and Mike Gable at CJ a few days ago.

They gave us a draft of a sublease and once we return it to them with the information that we asked for we can sign the lease.

What are the terms of the lease? 2 years, till 2010

We have 2200 square feet and that is $458 a month. This includes 50 cents more per foot which includes water and electric.


If we want to rent the office next to the bathrooms, that opens to the warehouse space we can.


Temporarirly we can either get the garage door converted so that we don’t have to enter through Nathaniels door and have a sign in sign out sheet.


Will says the lease gives us 6 months notice for relocating and they would pay for our relocation.

Stuart: How are we going to proceed forward with the lease? He will scan the lease and send it to the council list. Everyone will read it and then we will see how to proceeed forward.

Jessica will give Dave Corman a copy of the lease.



Stuart Proposes: we start communication with mike, we let him know that we have concerns without a confrontational tone.

This proposal passed with some reservations

Stuart Proposes we release the escrow account and say that can be used for the door. Agreed.

Stuart has proposal- long and I didn’t get it for the notes. But he has it if you want it


Nathaniel issues:

Should we fix or pay for the bottom corners in the back.

Wills Proposal: Free Ride will pay to remove the “High Art” bike guy, and the sign on the door and Nathaniel is responsible for all responsible in the space.

Fully approved!


When are the keys getting changed?

Will proposal: We would like to be informed 2 week in advance before keys are changed



We will ask Shaun to remove the sign and create a movable temporary sign for up to $200.



===== Stuff Deleted here by Will ====


- Commission System


- Draft of system is on the wiki Look at it!


- Actual implementation will be stuck on meeting with Kitty and Scott

- Want all commission people to be independent contractors

- System


Sexual Harassment Stuff

===Deleted by Morgan======



--- Will will be reducing his load once he finishes out the current stuff he does.

+ Hopes to sort out some accounting

+ Hopes to sort out lease and BP


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