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Free Ride Meeting Agenda for 1pm Sunday, February 24, 2008 at Edmond St.


Need to Develop Responses to CJ and SB


Discuss the letter from Scott Bricker


Sexual Harassment Discussion


Commission System


Retreat Planning -

  • Space
  • Food
  • Materials for Facilitators
  • Discuss retreat goals
  • Planning meeting Thursday at 3pm at Friends Meeting House


Discuss CJ & SCB stuff:


-How to proceed with lease?

- Scan lease soa

- Contact a lawyer - David Korman = mcp

- Resolve board/scott issues!

- Should lease be on retreat agenda?


-Little office?


- Entrance rework?

Not fair, pragmatic.

2 or 3k each

Proposal: Articulate objections, set guidelines for how we want to be dealt with, offer back rent

Need to emphasize that we don't want the shared entrance to go on very long.

+ Release Escrow: Pass

+ Need to be careful - don't burn mike's time being contentious = use a productive tone

+ Ask for estimate on cost and what's to be done


Draft Copy -> Release Escrow, Suggest $ -> Door, Not interested in contributing more $ -> Door, let us know if we can help

Draft Copy -> Release Escrow, Suggest $ -> Door, Not interested in contributing more $ -> Door [say why, Want a Door say why, tell us a timeline for door, let us know if we can help]


- Escrow account?

- Design work?

-Sign Removal/Wall Repair/Etc?

-Talk to Mike more about schedules

-Space - how much and where.


PROP: [FR removes sign and high art bike dude and makes a new sign. N is responsible for everything in space. Communicate that bike dude is worth $$$$].



- Signs

- Changing how we enter the building

- Paying for signs, changes to the entrances, etc

- and some other stuff


(morgan) PROPOSAL: That we do not table with/give shelf space to those Port Athority "Rack and Roll" flyers. Rack and Roll is unreliable to the point that it reflects badly on us to promote it. Fuckers.


(morgan) PROPOSAL: That we create a small Sheldon Brown Memorial Scholarship for anyone who wants to take an adult mechanics class but can't afford it. Testing to see if folks are into the idea and are ok empowering me to work out the details.

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